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Vibration Switch (VM-90A)

Vibration Measuring System

Vibration Switch

Compact popular type

A vibration monitor that is popular for its low cost and control function. It is suitable for automatic control when abnormal vibration occurs.


Low cost

Changeover type for measurement mode and range

Two step alarm setting, level outputs available

Applicable with intrinsic safety proof sensors

Application Examples

A vibration switch is connected to a sensor installed in a machine tool, crusher, centrifugal separator, cooling tower, etc. Maintenance monitoring can be performed to stop operation if there is abnormal vibration in the equipment.

  • Machine tool, crusher etc.

    Machine tools, crushers, etc. illustration
  • Centrifugal separator

    centrifuge illustration
  • Cooling tower

    cooling tower illustration

Outline Drawings
*Include Imperial measurements

Outline Drawings

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