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Signal Converter(VM-5011A)

Vibration Measuring System

Signal Converter

Vibration Signal Converter

It can output 4-20 mA DC current and 0-10 V DC voltage.
This converter is suitable for measuring the vibration of thousands of types of equipment.


Low cost and compact size

Changeover type for measurement mode and range

Multiple outputs (Envelope acceleration, velocity, 4-20 mA, wave form)

Use vibration waveform output for frequency analysis

Vibration level output (DC4-20 mA)

Velocity monitoring: Rotational speed-dependent trend monitoring
Acceleration envelope monitoring: Enables detection of damage to bearings, etc.

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Recommended Sensors

model VP-8021A VP-100
Sensor type MEMS Piezoelectric
Acceleration sensitivity 3.9 mV/(m/s2) ±5% 100 mV/g
Vibration frequency response 20 Hz – 3 kHz ±1 dB 2 Hz – 10 kHz
10 Hz – 8 kHz ±3 dB
10 Hz – 10 kHz ±4 dB
Operating temperature range -30℃ – +120℃ -55 – 140°C
Sensitivity change due to temperature ±3% 25℃ standard
IEPE power supply 3.5 mA Maximum 24 V 0.5 – 8 mA(DC18 – 30 V)
Note Standard type Low cost type

Connection Example


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*Include Imperial measurements

シグナルコンバーター(VM-5011A) 外形図

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