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Vibration Signal Converter(VM-90D series)

Vibration Monitoring System

Vibration Signal Converter
(VM-90D series)

Entry level model for vibration monitoring

A standard monitoring device with standard functions such as indication of vibration value, signal output and alarm contact output.


Low price

Compact size

Changeover type for measurement mode and range

System Composition

  • System configuration diagram
  • System configuration Block diagram

Suitable Sensors

Model VP-3144C/D*1 VP-3213AC/AD*1
 (Horizontal only)
 (Vertical only)
VP-A52IW HS-100I
Sensor type Electrodynamic velocity type Piezoelectric accelerometer
Sensitivity 10 mV/(mm/s) 17.5 mV/(mm/s) 5 mV/(m/s2 50 mV/G
Natural frequency 14 Hz 4.5 Hz 35,000 Hz 24,000 Hz
Operational temperature range -20 to +80℃ -20 to +70℃ -30 to +110℃ -20 to +80℃
Structure Drop-proof (Equivalent to IP32) Insulative and water proof Safe and explosion proof
(Ex iaⅡC T4 Ga)
Outward appearance VP-3144C/D VP-3213AC/AD VP-3223AC/AD VP-A52IW VP-HS-100I
Notes Suitable for monitoring of medium frequency displacement or velocity Suitable for monitoring of low frequency displacement or velocity Suitable for monitoring of acceleration

*1 Cable connection method C: G 1/2 pipe thread/D: direct connection of clamp

*Another sensor for high temperature or waterproof are also available.

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*Include Imperial measurements

Outline Drawings

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